About Vitalicous


Vitalicious® Inc. is the market leader of innovative baked goods that promote a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing taste. First to market with 100-calorie servings, Vitalicious® is leading the way to a holistic approach to maximize satisfaction with minimum calories, with products that are low in fat and high in fiber and nutrients. Vitalicious® has created a unique triangle of need-satisfaction (great taste, better nutrition for fewer calories), the only baked-goods company in this niche. 

Founded in 1999, Vitalicious® products are sold at stores nationwide and at www.thehealthfoodstore.com. Here at Vitalicious® our mission is simple: to make healthy and delicious baked goods that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.    

Our products include:

To purchase products online, please visit our new web store at http://www.thehealthfoodstore.com.